Hershey’s, East Lansing

Andrea and I ate at Hershey’s Steak and Seafood in East Lansing last night. Hershey’s won because we had a coupon that was going to expire, but I like going there anyways. It’s not one of our usual spots, but I’ve enjoyed the food, and the atmosphere is old-school elegant. Maybe it needs a little updating (I shudder to think what Gordon Ramsey would say about the place), but I like the overall feel. It’s not every restaurant that has swords on the walls.

First, there were several selections of wine that weren’t outrageously expensive. That’s good. And I also like their salad bar, which is included with their entrees. And the bread. The water is nice, too.

We had one of the nicest waiters we’ve ever had, and I like that he tried really hard. The food was slow in coming out, but it wasn’t his fault – these things happens. We weren’t going anywhere since our bottle of wine wasn’t empty. Had that been empty, we would have had issues.

I had the Cajun whitefish. Normally, the whitefish is parmesan-encrusted, but last night, they had a special. The piece of fish was huge, some kind of Teenage Mutant Ninja Whitefish. The Cajun spice did heat it up a bit. Not a great meal – I preferred Andrea’s perch. My whitefish came with rice and zucchini. We skipped dessert. They had mousse on the menu, Andrea’s favorite dessert, but, as she admits, she is highly critical of other peoples mousse since she makes it so well.

It’s easy to forget that Hershey’s is around – it’s not in the usual locations like near the Meridian Mall or Eastwood. But it’s a good place to visit if you’re looking for something quiet and a little fancier than your average burger.


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