Cinco de Mayo, Grand Rapids

After a 4-mile run in Grand Rapids, I was ready for something to undo all the work I had just done. After contemplating how to do this damage, I decided on Cinco de Mayo on Monroe Center.

Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo

The furnishings were similar to many Mexican restaurants around Lansing, my home base. The tables and chairs had various Mexican-themed carvings and were brightly colored. The walls were bare brick and place had a tin roof ceiling painted black. The restaurant looked out at the Grand Rapids Art Museum.

My meal started with warm, addictive chips. The salsa was good and not particularly spicy. Instead of a beer or margarita, I went with a large mug of Mug. Or, as they say in Mexico, cerveza de raices, a.k.a root beer.

Cinco de Mayo

Chips and salsa, Cinco de Mayo

Next up was the main meal, the #4, two beef enchiladas and a beef taco with rice. My food was certainly  not cold – heat radiated from the plate.  The enchiladas were covered with tomato sauce and liquefied cheese, since the food was cooked somewhere near the surface temperature of the sun. And unlike most tacos, this one was filled with meat and cheese, not filler like lettuce. Sure, there was the token nod to vegetables, but it was a meat and dairy meal. The ground beef was a cut above the normal Mexican restaurants I eat at.

Cinco de Mayo

Enchiladas and a taco

For lunch, I had gone to Taco Bell in Holland, and I found, surprisingly, that Cinco de Mayo’s tacos were much better. In case you were wondering.

To top it off, my waiter and I had a good connection. After all, he called me his “amigo”, and I’m sure that he doesn’t do that with just anyone.

Cinco de Mayo is a solid choice for dinner. There were several excellent looking items on the menu. Had the #4 meal not been the special, I would have gone with the Burrito Real. I would definitely return.


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