Oliveburger, Michigan Brewing Company

It happens – I left my camera in my other leather coat. But life goes on, and you can picture an oliveburger and waffle fries anyways, can’t you?

I headed to Lenny’s on Washington in downtown Lansing. But my plans were shattered when I saw hordes of teenagers roaming the streets, and there is nothing more frightening to a curmudgeon in training than hundreds of teenagers. So I kept on walking and ended up at the far end of restaurant rowing, Michigan Brewing Company.

No beer, unfortunately – and I really wanted one. Instead, I had a Coke with my oliveburger. It was a good burger, cooked how I liked it and with a mass of olives. The mayo-based sauce was slightly red. I can’t place the taste, but it was good. Hopefully it wasn’t red because a cook cut their finger. That would make me unhappy, because since I liked it, that would make me a vampire. And I much prefer zombie movies.

The waffles fries were overflowing (verily verily I say to thee). Not overly crispy, just right – it’s like they knew I was coming. I was a bit concerned that there were not a lot of people in there while I was eating. Granted, I went to lunch a little early, but come on Lansing, don’t let this place disappear. They have beer…

And I noticed there was a Thai restaurant going in on the corner of Kalamazoo and Washington, the former site of China Wok. It didn’t look anywhere close to opening, but it is on the way.


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