It had a been two days of burgers. The day before, I had been at Michigan Brewing Company and had a very good oliveburger, even if I couldn’t identify the red-coloring in the sauce. But on this day, I went to Dagwoods on Kalamazoo in beautiful east Lansing. Not East Lansing – that’s completely different. This is east Lansing. Small ‘e’.


Dagwoods, Lansing, MI

Dagwoods is a “bar bar” – nothing fancy, including the prices. If you want a cheap burger and fries, head to Dagwoods. I went with the bacon burger. I can say this about the burger – they will never be accused of under cooking their meat. Not saying it was, just saying there was no moisure left in the burger. The bacon was equally well done. Still, for $3.50, I’ll take it. The fries were almost equally well done, but with a little sauce, it was just about perfect.

Dagwoods bacon burger

Dagwoods bacon burger

If you’re in the mood for some simple bar food, Dagwoods is a nice choice. The menu isn’t big, but it’s inexpensive and the burgers are decent.


2 thoughts on “Dagwoods

  1. Legend has it that Coach Heathcote would make a beeline for Dagwood’s after every home basketball game. I’ve never been there, and don’t know if the legend is truth, or fiction, but Dagwood’s will forever be associated with Jud Heathcote.

    • I think he lives the Left Coast now. Probably too long of a drive for him to make. I may make the drive for Buddies nachos, though.

      I love a good dive bar, especially one with cheap food that doesn’t take revenge on you later.

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