Bravo for Mother’s Day. Hey, we eventually got a seat…

I try not to make generalized statements, but I feel confident in making this one: I have never been seated for dinner at Bravo in Eastwood at the time my reservation for made for. It never happens. And this was the case for Mother’s Day as well. Our reservation was at 6:00, and we were seated at 6:25. Why is it that other restaurants manage to have tables waiting, even on busy occasions (such at the Mother’s Day brunch at Claddagh’s a few hours before), when Bravo finds this an impossibility? Maybe it’s a ploy to get you to drink at the bar. I didn’t fall for it, and I may start bringing my own booze to drink while I wait.

Beyond that, we had a nice meal. I tried the sausage tortellini, because it had sausage, and it was quite good. The sausage was sausage-y, and the tortellini was filled with cheese (so the cheese and meat requirements of my diet were met), and I got to try a new dish that wasn’t awful. I usually have the lasagna or the braised beef ravioli, but I am happy to add another favorite.

Sausage tortellini at Bravo

Beyond the wait, I enjoy going to Bravo. Let’s just see if they can get the whole concept of a reservation working.


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