A new dish at Red Cedar Grill

Red Cedar Grill in Williamston is my favorite restaurant. #1. El primo. And it has been for a while, ever since a couple of bad meals in a row took The Knight Cap down a few notches. And the reason why RCG is my top restaurant is that it has consistently¬† delivered great food. I had never had a meal I didn’t like that, and that was quite a streak to have.

But all streaks end, and this one ended last Friday.

We headed to Williamston for our pre-Wharton meal. RCG had recently changed their menu, and I was looking forward to trying something new. My choice was the Penne Napoli, penne with red sauce, cheese, and sausage.

The major problem was that it tasted like something I could have made at home, and that is not a good thing, since I’m not a good cook. It was penne with spaghetti sauce. One in a while, I found a glob of cheese hanging out and the little bit of sausage was very good, but not enough to save the meal. Andrea’s planked salmon, however, was very good – I should have tried to sneak more when she wasn’t looking.

Red Cedar Grill is still my favorite restaurant, even after the disappointing meal. I may go back to an old favorite the next time we go – I especially like the pot roast – though one of my old favorites, the Louisiana Cajun Fettuccini, is no longer on the menu. And I’m still hoping to see the excellent nachos appear on the dinner menu one of these days.


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