J.D. Reardon, Grand Rapids

They had me at the “$10 burger and brew” special.

After a jog through the north end of downtown Grand Rapids, I decided on dinner near the site of my old workplace, marchFIRST. Ah, memories. marchFIRST was in the Brass Works Building, the former home of Founders Brewery, by the way. But there was no Founders nearby, so instead, I headed a little north on Monroe and went to another refurbished factory which now houses shops, apartments, and the aforementioned J.D. Reardon.

Sure, service wasn’t great on that particular night, taking almost ten minutes for a waitress to stop by my table. In my defense, there was one other occupied table in the place, and two tables is, like, twice as much to do as one table. But once she eventually showed up, the service wasn’t bad.

The special applied to all burgers and all beers. That was pretty sweet. So I went for Hog Heaven, a burger topped with cheese, ham, and bacon. Not bad. The burger was overcooked, but it was decent. If you’re looking for a better burger in Grand Rapids, head over to The Cottage Bar. The burger came with kettle chips.

I had a Scotty Karate Scotch Ale for two reason. First, my name is Scott, and I felt a connection to this particular brand of alcohol. Second, the menu listed the alcohol content as over 9%. That’s impressive for beer. For whatever reason, when I first smelled it, I though of cotton candy. I don’t know why that connection was made. No clue.

 So for $10, it was a good meal. There were eighteen different burgers on the menu, and for the price, I would try them again, especially if I’m going to be on the north side of town.


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