Xiao, Lansing

I unfortunately didn’t have my camera with me when Andrea and I went to Xiao for my birthday lunch. The interior was beautiful, with poles etched with Chinese symbols (complete with translations) and a giant Buddha. It was woody and airy and red, and they carried Apothic Red, a nice blend wine, though I stuck with Coke, being a work day. And, near the back entrance, they had Chinese objects arranged in a museum-like setting. I felt educated and, after eating, full.

I decided on the General Tso’s chicken, which was excellent. The sauce was spicy and light, not too heavy like so many Chinese restaurants serve. The portions were generous – had I not had meal plans for the next few days, I would have had enough for two lunches. But, poor me, I had to power through the whole meal. The chicken was served with rice and three broccoli stalks. Yes, exactly three.

And they had cool bowls. Big, white Рthey would make excellent helmets.  But as for their primary use, there was no stray rice strewn about the table after I was done eating, and that is muy bueno.

Xiao is very easy to miss, as that stretch of Saginaw isn’t known for quality restaurants. In fact, I almost chose another location for my birthday lunch, but I’m glad I noticed it on my way home the night before. So don’t leave Xiao off your restaurant radar.


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