Topopo Salad on the roof at El Azteco

There is no place better to eat in East Lansing than the roof of El Azteco in East Lansing. If you disagree, then you must stop sniffing the glue and get some help. I mean, I’m sure you have a good reason.

Andrea and I went on a Wednesday night, and were shocked to see a whole half of the roof empty. I have never seen that before. Even in winter, the Eskimos are up there eating seal chips and snow salsa. Unheard of. So obviously, we were seated immediately.

Roof at El Azteco

A rare site - an empty roof at El Azteco

Because this was such a disturbing (albeit welcome) site, we immediately ordered a pitcher of margaritas. In vino veritas… or in this case, In margarita veritas.

What goes better than a pitcher of margaritas? Another pitcher! But instead of that, we had the topopo salad, a gargatuan pile of beans, chips, cheese, peas (!?), and probably some other stuff. Big big big. I mean large. And of course, I did most of the work, but Andrea did OK. I never complain about having to eat more topopo salad.

Topopo Salad, El Azteco, East Lansing

Topopo Salad, El Azteco, East Lansing

So people of mid-Michigan, while the students are away (probably in rehab), flock to El Azteco and enjoy some sun on the roof, some booze, and excellent chips and salsa. Granted, you may have a disturbing view of a cardboard cutout of John Kerry across Albert Street (I’m not making that up), but after some margaritas, he’s much easier to stand.


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