Eastwood Town Center sandwiches

Two quick reviews of restaurants in Eastwood Town Centre.

I tried the French Dip at Champps and it was the best one I can remember having. The meat was excellent and the au jus was thick, almost like gravy. Most places serve au jus that looks like brown water – not appealing. The only thing about Champps is that they never have beer specials at times when people actually go there for dinner. But, that’s probably part of their strategy.

Second, for Andrea’s birthday lunch, we went to Mitchell’s Fish Market. I tried the codwich for the first time, which is basically like fish & chips on a bun. Pretty good, though not as good as just the plain fish & chips. I like their fries, thin and salty. And I never complain about getting bread with a meal, even if my meal is already half bread.


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