An Elephant Ear at Cedar Point

Oh beautiful Elephant Ear. This is one more reason to go to Cedar Point:

Cedar Point Elephant Ear

Cedar Point Elephant Ear

Topped (generously) with cinammon and sugar, it is a beautiful thing. My family and I shared one just before leaving the park and heading to the Sandusky Applebee’s for dinner. They come right out of the fryer and are always fresh. And they can cause a grease stain like no ones business, so keep them away from your clothing.

Cedar Point makes a great EE. Most of the dought is chewy and soft with just enough crunchy bits for those who prefer it that way. And you get those looks as people walk by, like, “that is a great idea” when they see what you’re eating. We get ours in Frontier Town, near the railroad tracks at the end of the Gemini Midway. The stand where they’re made is usually busy, but it’s worth the wait.


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