Bacon & Egg Burger at Steak & Shake

I don’t normally post  visits to “fast food” restaurants, but I’ll make an exception. I stopped in to Steak & Shake while waiting for an oil change for my car. I saw on their menu that they had a burger topped with bacon and egg. Wow, breakfast and lunch in one. I’m a fan of the Royal Red Robin burger at (where else) Red Robin, so I thought I would give S&S’s burger a try.

I was impressed. Steak & Shake is an inexpensive place to eat, and the burger was very good for the price. It was just enough to satisfy me (I have a desk job, so it doesn’t take much). And those little fries – those are tasty, too.

I went to the menu at their web site, but I didn’t see the bacon and egg burger listed.  If you go there and it’s not on the menu, be warned – it may have been a limited-time offer. Hopefully not – the next time I need an oil change, I’ll probably be headed back for another S&S burger.


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