The Roadhouse, Beulah

While visiting one of my sets of in-laws in Beulah, MI, we stopped at The Roadhouse for dinner. It was a beautiful summer evening, so we were able to set outside and avoid getting eaten by mosquitos, a rare treat in northern Michigan.

I decided on the beef chimichanga, which was a good choice. Though small, it was very good, with just enough spice to make it interesting and not overwhelming. The fried shell was light and crispy. I could tasted the chipotle in the salsa that came with the chimi. (Hopefully there was chipotle in it, or my taste buds are way out of wack.) I ate every bit of food on my plate, including the rice and beans. And I did my fair share of devouring the chips and salsa that were served with the meal. I think it’s a law that chips and salsa must be served at a Mexican restaurant.

Chimichange at The Roadhouse, Beulah

For a beverage, I chose the Roadhouse Margarita, their standard margarita, and it was just what a margarita should be. With salt, of course. There were other choices, but for my money, the standard margarita is my drink of choice in Mexican restaurants. Well, maybe Dos Equis is a slight favorite.

And besides my antsy 4-year old, the atmosphere was nice. Under the trees, perfect weather, and lots of margaritas – what isn’t too love? I will remember this when it’s January. You warm-weather people just can’t understand the joy of eating outside – six months of the year, at least, we can’t do it, so we enjoy it while we can here in Michigan.

The Roadhouse, Beulah


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