A good $6 dinner at Gipper’s, Grand Rapids

I had never heard of Gipper’s before two days ago, but a casual search of Grand Rapids sports bars revealed the easily-overlooked spot just off of 28th Street near the I 96 overpass.

Gipper's, Grand Rapids

‘Twas Monday – bike night. I’m not a biker, but figured I wouldn’t get thrown out. (I wasn’t, and I didn’t even see any bikers, as a matter of fact.) But Monday was also 2-brats and 2-beers for $6. Whoa, you had me at two brats, but two pints of beer, too? Gipper’s, you had my attention. Their choices were Bud Light and Miller Lite, but for that price, that limited selection is OK.

Brats at Gipper's, Grand Rapids

What can I say – they were brats. Good enough to have again, though on my next visit, I’ll probably get the nachos. Lots of TVs were lurking about so I could watch Monday Night Football, the whole reason I went to a sports bar. And I can’t forget to mention the peanuts. Who doesn’t love throwing things on the floor you don’t have to pick up? Well, the waitresses, I suppose.


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