The Holy Harrison at Harrison Roadhouse, East Lansing

Not since The Cottage Bar in Grand Rapids have I seen such a beautiful arrangement of toppings on a burger.

The Holy Harrison  at Harrison Roadhouse in East Lansing is like the banana split of burgers. Though I don’t know if the burger was created by God, I believe He surely inspired its creation. With ham, bacon, olives, and cheese, I dare you to find a burger with a more perfect set of stuff atop it. The only thing I could think of to make it better would have been to pin a twenty dollar bill on top. That would have been pretty sweet.

Andrea didn’t think I could finish it, but I proved her wrong. It came with fries. Since it was Wednesday night, the 22 oz. domestic drafts were $2.50, so I went slumming and had a Miller Lite instead of my usual craft beer choice. But for my second beer, I had a Short’s Nicie Spicie which, as I described on Facebook, reminded me of The Mole Hole. (If you don’t live around Lansing, The Mole Hole sells knick knacks (and knack knicks) and has the permanent smell of candles and potpourri. )

We sat outside on a nearly perfect summer night and enjoyed a calm August evening. The students were not back yet, so it was a quiet crowd. (Since I’m married to an MSU student, I know how out-of-control and rowdy they can be.) But quiet or noisy, the burger will still be good.


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