Lou & Harry’s Sports Bar, East Lansing

Poor “The Small Planet” – I hardly knew you. It was there just a few months before, poof, it had disappeared from Chandler Crossing.

But poof, now we have Lou & Harry’s Sports Bar. Not the normal kind, but a cavernous place with an expanded menu. As I saw they had nachos, and I had purchased a Groupon, I decided it was time to pay them a visit.

First, there are TVs everywhere. Two huge ones on each side of the restaurant and dozens of smaller ones so you will not be anywhere (besides maybe the bathrooms) where you’ll be out of sight of a game. And maybe even the bathroom – I’m not sure, I didn’t go there.

As I mentioned, nachos were one of the reasons I made the arduous trip from Haslett to East Lansing. When I ordered, the waitress said they were her favorite thing on the menu. I hope she was just trying to be nice or increase her tip somehow, because they were not all that great.

But I’ll start with first impressions – lots and lots of nachos. You may be able to eat them all, but since I wasn’t planning to spend four hours eating nachos, there was no way I could finish them. The chips were piled high as were the toppings – beans, cheese, queso sauce, tomatoes, and onions. I added on beef for $1 extra, and it was OK.



The big flaw was the queso sauce. I wasn’t a fan of that – it wasn’t awful, but regular cheese goes much better on nachos. Queso may be fine for dipping, but that’s about it. Without the queso sauce, they would have been better, as that was the only major flaw I tasted.

Ending on a high note, sour cream, salsa, and guacamole were included. You almost never get guac included, so that was an added bonus. And it wasn’t sucky guac, which was even more surprising.

Also something I liked was the $3 23 oz. domestics they had on Monday nights. I do like beer specials and that is a pretty good one.

I would definitely go to Lou & Harry’s Sports Bar again – the environment for watching a game is great –  though I will forgo the nachos next time. But they had a lot of items to choose from, so I’ll bet I’ll get something I like  better the next time.


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