Nachos at Bobarinos

Another night in Grand Rapids. After wandering around looking at some pieces from the upcoming Art Prize, I stopped into The B.O.B. for dinner at Bobarinos. Looking at metal fish and a giant praying mantis can really make a guy work up an appetite.

I had the nachos. I decided on the basic nachos (no meat), and also had the black olives left off, because black olives on nachos is nasty. So I was left with scallions, cheese, and pico del gallo on my chips. But you know, that was enough. I had an enormous pile of crispy, salty chips, and the pico tasted really good. Yes, I had to stop on the way home to hunt the street of Grand Rapids for the flesh of the living to satisfy my need for meat, but that was a minor issues.

Nachos at Bobarinos

Nachos at Bobarinos

And the beer. I tried an amber and an Octoberfest, both of which I enjoyed. I spent more on booze than on food, and that’s the way it should be. Man cannot live on nachos alone. Folks, except no substitute – drink craft beer.


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