Nachos at Leo’s Spirits and Grub

I like Leo’s Spirits and Grub because, of the three Leo’s in the Lansing area, it’s the closest. It used to be Bennigan’s, and it was something else for a day and a half, but Leo’s has stuck around for a while.  It wasn’t busy on a Monday night, so I had my pick of seats. And I ended up moving because I chose poorly – one of the big antler chandeliers was blocking my view of the TV. (Now there is a problem you probably will not run into in a San Francisco restaurant.)

Being a nacho fan, I ordered the mini-nachos. Like the name suggests, they aren’t for big appetites. And I ordered them without black olives because olives on nachos are the work of the devil.

Leo's nachos

Leo's nachos

My verdict: I’m sticking with their burgers. The nachos weren’t terrible, especially at the price ($1 off on Monday nights), but they didn’t “wow” me. I think it was the bland beans because everything else tasted decent. Less beans and more meat would have gone a long way to improving the nachos. I did like the tomatoes and big chunks of white onions, though I’m not sure if my wife would have the same appreciation of the latter after I ate them.

But my favorite part of the meal was the $3 34 oz. beer. That’s a spectacular beer special, friends, Romans, countrymen, and it’s on Mondays. For some reason, Labatt is considered a domestic draught, maybe for the same reason we accept Canadian quarters.

I will return to Leo’s for sure – the beer special alone assures that. I will skip the nachos, instead going for the beautiful olive burger or Houghton Hancock burger.


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