Uccello’s, Grand Rapids

After  wandering the streets of Grand Rapids with a few thousand other people to see this year’s Art Prize, I fled the downtown crowds to have dinner at Uccello’s on East Beltline.  It was my first visit to that restaurant, and with the Tigers in the playoffs and Monday Night Football, it was definitely a night for a sports bar.

The parking lot was very crowded but there was still plenty of room inside. I had actually intended to go to Uccello’s earlier, but the nearly-full parking lot had scared me off. But don’t let it bother you – there is a lot of seating inside.

I had a half-order of the turkey bacon swiss sub with fries. It sub tasted alright , but the bread to meat ratio was way too high. On the plus side, the bread was pretty good – the sub just needed more stuffing. The fries, however, were excellent, and worth the $1 extra (the sub came with chips). And the $3.25 24 oz. beer special convinced me to get that instead of a soft drink. (It doesn’t take much prompting.)

Turkey bacon swiss sub

Turkey bacon swiss sub

Uccello’s was a good place to see a game. Lots of big (and little) TVs were all around, and you could see a game wherever you were sitting in the place. There were lots of bartenders (I sat at the bar) so the service was fast.  And being walking distance from Krispy Kreme didn’t hurt either.


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