Snacking at Cedar Point

I made a final trip to Cedar Point a few weeks ago, and had great weather – couldn’t have asked for better.  What does this have to do with food? Well, a guy’s gotta eat, and this guy’s gotta comment on it. You will notice that everything I ate had no redeeming nutritional value, but that’s the beauty of amusement parks.

Lunch was French fries from Pink’s, a restaurant new for 2011. Yes, lunch was French fries. I waited in line for ten minutes to get them, so I figured they were good. And they were good. Pink’s is known for its hot dogs, and for the pictures of celebrities who have eaten at Pink’s, but I eat light when I’m riding the coasters, so I skipped the dog.

Pink's at Cedar Point

A small tangent. Of the three types of Cedar Point fries I have tasted, the Happy Friar’s thick-cut fries are the best. Number two are Pink’s, which are like Arby’s curly fries, but you have to wait a lot longer for Pink’s, and they’re not curly. And a distance third are the normal CP fries you can get at just about any food stand that sells burgers, dogs, and chicken strips. ( I’m thinking about making up a type of  imaginary fries just so I can put those into fourth place. I’m not a fan.)

I’m back. The next “meal” was frozen custard. I really wanted a twist cone, but their vanilla was broken, so I settle for 100% chocolate. And it tasted fine, though it was a teeny tiny amount. Now I know how my daughter feels when she gets a junior cone.

Ice cream at Cedar Point

My final food at CP was a big soft pretzel. This I liked, but it needed a bit more salt. They also had cheese-filled pretzels and pizza pretzels, both of which sounded great, and may be on my radar for a future visit to the park. Also on my radar are cheese curds and a return visit to cheese-on-a-stick, one of the wonders of the modern world.

Prezel shop at Cedar Point

But I have time to figure out my food schedule over the winter – it will be a long eight months or so before I’m back at the park.


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