Brann’s Sizzling Steaks and Sports Grille, Grand Rapids

On 28th Street, just east of I 96 as it swings towards Grand Rapids, is Brann’s, a sports bar that is hard to miss. I had noticed it when I went to Gipper’s a few months ago for their brat and beer special. Brann’s looked inviting, so there I went, despite the fact that they added an unneeded “E” on the word “Grill”.

I had the nachos, which is probably no surprise to those who read this blog. My first impression: Looked good, lots of toppings, a little small. I know, I’ve said “a little small” before , but in this case, it was true. About 20% more would have been perfect, but I didn’t walk away from the bar hungry, both because the nachos were a little more filling than I first thought, but also because they had the very attractive $2 20 oz. Rolling Rock on draught. I’m a fan of beer specials like I’m a fan of nachos, so I was very happy with that one.

Nachos at Brann's, Grand Rapids

Nachos at Brann's, Grand Rapids

Back to the nachos. The beef was almost like chili, and it tasted alright – like you would expect chili to taste. There were large chunks of vegetables, including onions, so watch out – spouses may disapprove of you eating those. So I can’t complain about the generosity of the toppings – meat, cheese, and veggies were all in abundance.

As for its sports bar credentials – excellent. There were TVs nearly everywhere, service was good, and the night I went, they were passing out Budweiser gear. I left my bottle cozy there because, honestly, I don’t want yet another beer cozy. But booze, food, and free stuff is a very good combination.


One thought on “Brann’s Sizzling Steaks and Sports Grille, Grand Rapids

  1. I’m waiting for you to find the ULTIMATE nacho’s. Once you post the world’s greatest nacho’s, I’m going. But I’m more of a chix nacho’s kind of gal.
    Anyways, thanks for the cool site. I had been following it before I even KNEW it was you who wrote it! Kind of funny, huh?! I seen you post on FB one day a link and was thinking, gee, I’ve read this site before. Then figured out you were the author. didn’t realize we had SO much in common, not just a birthday!!!
    (This is Heather T., from BHS, btw.)

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