Nachos at The Roadhouse, Beulah

It was Friday night which made it alright for frozen Margaritas at The Roadhouse in Beulah. On our last visit, after a day at the beach in Frankfort, we sat outside and enjoyed the summer weather in northern Michigan. On this visit, we enjoyed the mid-autumn weather by sitting inside.

The margaritas were excellent. I usually have them on the rocks, but I’m now a convert, at least to the frozen ones at The Roadhouse. Not too sweet, not too sour. Even better, we arrived in time for happy hour. And luckily for me, they didn’t run out – I had to deal with a restless four year old on the car ride up from Lansing.

I was happy to see nachos on the menu, so that is what I went for. They looked great. And… wait for it… they were on the small side. But Andrea didn’t eat all of her fish tacos, so that (and the margaritas) helped to fill me up.

Nachos at The Roadhouse, Beulah

Nachos at The Roadhouse, Beulah

The nachos were excellent. The RH was generous with the ground beef, which also tasted great. Lots of cheese and tomatoes, topped with a dollop (yes, a dollop) of sour cream, and a few green peppers thrown in for good measure, but not enough to overwhelm the important stuff (beef, cheese, and chips). The menu listed the black olives on the nachos, but as olives on nachos are the devil’s work, I left them off.

I’d like to give a shout out to The Roadhouse salsa. Very tasty, not spicy, and I ate it all up – only teeny tiny tomato pieces were left, the salsa crumbs, if you will. And I went to the local Shop and Save and bought more the next day to take home.

I’m sure when you think of Mexican food, you think Beulah, so head up US 31. Bypass McDonald’s, keep on past the min-golf and self storage (they’re the same business), and stop in for food from a warmer place.


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