“Nachos” at Twisted Rooster, Grand Rapids

Twisted Rooster is located on East Beltline north of I 196 in Grand Rapids (Northeast Beltline?) I often noticed the sign as I passed through town and the name intrigued me.  I looked over their on-line menu, and it looked decent, so I decided on a visit. After all, they did have nachos. Sort of. They were waffle fries with some junk on top.  But I knew that going in, so I’ll treat them a little differently than I would normal nachos.

My first impression – my, what a teeny tiny amount of nachos. The plate was long and narrow, the same kind of dish that some sushi is served on. I was wondering when the rest of them were going to be brought out. Maybe there was a nationwide waffle fry shortage I hadn’t heard about.

On a related topic, nachos are typically in one of two section on the menu, appetizers and Mexican. Those at Twisted Rooster definitely fell into the former. Eating them by myself, I could have eaten another item, that is how “appetizer-like” they were.

Enough complaining about the size. They actually tasted pretty good. The cheese sauce (dare I call it queso dip?) was spicy and went well on the fries.  The chicken was, well, chicken – if there was any kind of flavoring on it, I couldn’t tell. And the jalapenos were dangerously hot. I think the chef made them mad before they were served to me because they were giving me a thrashing. There were a few scattered onions and a line of sour cream to round things out.

Drink-wise, they had lots of Michigan beers to choose from, so that was nice to see. Of course, that was the night I didn’t feel like a beer (I do have those) so I went with a Coke. If you can, get your drink from the north dispenser – the Coke out of the south side dispensers was flat. But that was over a month ago, so I’m sure it’s all good now.

I would return to the Twisted Rooster, though not for the “nachos”. I liked the feel of the place, the drink selection was good, and there were plenty of TVs to enjoy a game. And the music was loud enough outside that you could just hang out dance in the parking lot, though you’d probably get some strange looks. I’ve heard.


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