Nachos at Rocky’s, Grand Rapids

I have to admit, Rocky’s wasn’t my first choice. I belong to a program where I get points for eating at certain restaurants, and Teazer’s was on the list of approved restaurants. But lo, Teazer’s kitchen closes at 3 PM on Mondays and Tuesdays, a fact unknown to me at the time. So I made the two block trip to Rocky’s.

Like Teazer’s, Rocky’s is on Ottawa Avenue NW in Grand Rapids. I remembered Rocky’s from my days at marchFIRST in the Brass Works Building. Oh, good times.

Rocky’s had a neighborhood bar feel to it. It was sparsely populated at 6 PM on a Monday. No problem for me, I was there for the food and booze, not social hour. But while there, I learned a lesson. If you are heading to Rocky’s and happen to have a Kindle, be sure not to sit just to the left of the beer taps. That is where the soda shooters are located, and my Kindle kept getting sprayed with little drops of water and other assorted liquids.

Enough chit chat (you’re welcome) – to the food. I was in a nacho kind of mood, which happens often, so nachos I did get. They had several levels of nachos, from simple chips and cheese all the way up to chips and cheese supreme. A complicated system it was not. What the heck, I splurged and got the supreme – that’s how I roll, baby. I had wanted ground beef, but they were all out, the beef being diverted to the chili. How awful. So instead, I went for the chicken. And below the chicken were lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and a few jalapenos.

Sorry about the blurry picture – they was an earthquake.

Rocky's nachos

Rocky's nachos

The chips were both salty and crispy, a great combo. There was a whole lotta stuff on them there nachos, and they were generous with the chicken. El pollo (whoa, I have a bilingual blog now) was a little overdone, but overdone chicken is better than undone chicken, let me tell you. And you will be surprised to learn that I am not going to complain about the portions – I was full when I left.

If you are in the old industrial area of Grand Rapids just north of I 196, Rocky’s is a decent choice if bar food is what you’re looking for. They have several Michigan beers on tap, but I went with a bottle of PBR because I was cheap, and that’s what my grandpa would have drank.

One more note. Does anyone know if Rocky’s is haunted? My bag fell off the chair next to me twice, and I’m usually not that careless, so I’m going to blame it on ghosts. Or maybe they just waxed the seats.


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