One Stop Coney Shop, Grand Rapids

There are basic truths that I think we can all agree on, or that apply in almost all circumstances. What goes up must come down, a body at rest tends to stay at rest, Germans love David Hasslehoff. But to this inarguable group I add this : Meat is made better when wrapped in bacon. Pigs-in-a-blanket, bacon-wrapped filet, bacon-wrapped-bacon – the list goes on.

With this truth in mind, I went to One Stop Coney Shop on Fulton Street in Grand Rapids.

One Stop Coney Shop

One Stop Coney Shop

There were lots of burgers and dogs to choose from, but they had me at bacon in the subtly named “Bacon + Ranch” dog combo. It was a good dog, and the bacon was crispy and crunchy and, well, bacon. Hard to go wrong with bacon – cook it, and stop cooking it before it turns black. And because it was a “Bacon + Ranch” dog, I also got ranch dressing, along with lettuce and tomatoes. The fries were also crispy and tasted good and they had Vernons “on draught”.

And if you are good enough to leave them a tip, you get to sign a piece of cloth that will later be hung on the wall. And the tips go to charity. I’m hoping the charity is “Money for Andrea’s schooling” fund, but I’m not holding my breath.

One Stop Coney Shop

One Stop Coney Shop


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