Spicy Frito Burger, Houlihan’s

We used to visit Houlihan’s  more often. They have attractive Wednesday night specials (sign up for their e-mail club, kids) which drew us across town to the Lansing Mall. But our date night schedule changed, and Wednesdays no longer worked for us. However, we had a good coupon which made it worth our time and gas make the cross-town trip.

I’m going to start with a gripe. Houlihan’s is loud. It’s always loud. I have a feeling that when even when it’s closed, it’s loud. And for whatever reason, we seem to get seated next to small or a group of loud women. Perhaps we have somehow offended the hostess on all past visits. This time, though, we escaped the normal punishing seating arrangement and were able to hear each other by only raising our voices a little instead of practically shouting. It was probably because I dropped Andrea off to get a seat while I parked the car.

I have several favorites, namely the Chicken Finger Platter, Chipotle Chicken Nachos, and Buffalo Bleu Salad. Not in the mood for any of those, I went in search of a new favorite and decided on the Spicy Fritos Burger. While it doesn’t join the ranks of a go-to dish, I still enjoyed it.

The SFB is named thusly because – hold onto your seats – it’s a spicy burger with Fritos. The “spicy” is courtesy of the generous heaping of jalapenos, which were a welcome addition. I had a cold, and the peppers helped clear out the junk and ease my breathing. So try some jalapenos instead of chicken noodle soup this winter. The combination of spicy, crunchy, and meaty were great together. The fries were alright – that’s all I’ve got to stay about them.

Spicy Frito Burger, Houlihan's

Spicy Frito Burger, Houlihan's

I had a 16 oz. Blue Moon. I opted for the pint instead of the 20 oz. because those four extra ounces cost $2 – at least they did the last time I upgraded my beer. While Blue Moon is an excellent beer, it’s not worth fifty cents an ounce.

Despite the noise, I like Houlihan’s. I’ve yet to have a bad meal, and they have an excellent small plate selection. I just need to convince them to move to the other side of town.


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