Dave’s oliveburger at Reno’s East, East Lansing

I discovered something that I believe needs to become a trend that sweeps the nation: Oliverburgers with cheese and bacon. I’ve had a good one at The Cottage Bar in Grand Rapids, but I found one in my very own stomping grounds of East Lansing at Reno’s East.

I limit my visits to East Lansing bars when Michigan State is in session since I prefer things a little tamer when I’m out. It’s hell to get old, you know. But since it was Christmas break, I went to a sports bar to watch the Rose Bowl. Poor Wisconsin got beat by Oregon, but our Spartans had a victory against Georgia in the Outback Bowl.

Onto the food. As you probably guessed, I ordered and oliveburger. Dave’s Oliveburger, to be precise. I’m actually going to mention the bun because it was crispy and tasted slightly buttery, and actually enhanced the burger instead of just being that thing that holds in the meat. Well done. The burger was cooked just right and was topped with some tasty bacon, and there were plenty of olives in the olive sauce. Without olives, it’s just mayonnaise, after all. The fries were crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, exactly as they should be.

Oliveburger, Reno's East

Oliveburger, Reno's East

While I just had a Mt. Dew, they had lots of beer to choose from, including lots of Michigan beer, so I’ll have to make a return visit. Definitely a place to remember to catch a game, as I couldn’t see a seat in the place where you could get a good view of a TV.


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