Dixie Luau pizza at New Hollland Brewery

It was visit #3 at New Holland Brewery in, where else, Holland. The first time I tried the corned beef, which was excellent. The second time, I had an Italian sub, which was OK. This time, I tried the Dixie Luau pizza. If nothing else, it wins on the oddest name on the menu.

What does one put on a Dixie Luau pizza? Good question: Prosciutto, bacon, pineapple, banana peppers, and cheese. Basically, it was a bonus version of a Hawaiian pizza. I was a fan of everything but the banana peppers, which I normally like, but I didn’t think they mixed well with the pineapple. It was like a little sour battling more sour for supremacy of the pizza. More sour won.

Dixie Luau pizza, New Holland Brewery

Dixie Luau pizza, New Holland Brewery

My coworkers gave me good reviews of the pulled pork wrap and the chicken-pesto pizza, so I may try one of those on my next visit, because I’m sure there will be another. But I’m still waiting for some nachos to rear their beautiful head on the menu. Come on, NHB, give me some meaty chips and cheese!


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