Houghton Hancock burger at Leo’s Lodge

I’m a Leo’s fan, so I was happy to visit Leo’s Lodge in Lansing. I almost gave into temptation and tried their seafood nachos, but I had not had a Leo’s burger in quite a while, so I gave into the call of red meat.

While I normally go for the oliveburger, this time, I was all about the Houghton Hancock burger. A beef patty topped with ham and cheese – that is some good stuff. The beef was fine, but when you add ham and cheese, that put it over the top. In fact, it was so much that I couldn’t finish it. OK, it was only a bite or two, but I held back. Add to that some very good fries and things were going well.

Houghton Hancock burger at Leo's Lodge

Houghton Hancock burger at Leo's Lodge

I like the rustic décor of all three Leo’s – it makes me feel like I’m at some kind of elaborate deer camp, and also makes me want to watch “Escanaba in the Moonlight”. They are good places to watch a game, and the Monday night beer special (34 oz. domestics for $3) is hard to beat.


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