bubble island, East Lansing

It was a dark and stormy night on the campus of Michigan State University when a figure struggled against the wind. The man crossed Grand River and into the oasis of light in a sea of darkness.

OK, that’s it for the dramatics.

It really was a dark and stormy night when I went to bubble island, though. I had never had bubble tea, and as I didn’t want to die before I had one, in I went to try one of the oddest sounding things I’ve had. It’s not exactly a “Bucket List” type of goal, but one of the keys to goal setting is to put lots of little goals onto your list so you have things to check off. You’re welcome for that tip.

bubble island (small ‘b’, small ‘i’) had green tea mixes, black tea mixes, and curly fries, among others – quite a combination. I had no idea of what I was doing, so I looked on the special board and saw that a “Snowstorm” was the bubble tea of the day. Well, alright then – a Snowstorm it was.

Snowstorm from bubble island

Snowstorm from bubble island


This concoction was milk tea, Oreos, and almonds. Sounds a little nasty, actually, but they had me at Oreos. So I shrugged, grabbed one of the gigantic straws with the sharp point to penetrate the plastic cover of the cup, and drank deeply of something that looked vaguely like chunky chocolate milk.

The texture was… unique. It was definitely chunky. I didn’t find bubbles, I found mushy Oreo pieces. But it did taste pretty good. I just couldn’t decide if I was supposed to eat it or drink it. A different sensation, to be sure. A Shamrock Shake it was not. Which is just fine, because the quality of Shamrock Shakes has really gone downhill lately.

I felt so college student-like, drinking/eating some kind of semi-exotic concoction while typing on my laptop. It would have been the perfect picture if I had an Macintosh and was wearing a turtleneck while complaining about capitalism, but instead I had a Dell with a button-down shirt and was writing a zombie short story. But close enough.

[For another review, check out Dining Michigan.]


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