South African food at Travelers Club, Okemos

Have you ever had the irresistible urge to look at tubas? Me neither, but if you have had the urge, then Travelers Club is the place for you.

The thing I like about the Travelers Club in Okemos is the monthly food specials. All kinds of tastes that you normally couldn’t get around the Lansing area can be gotten there. This month’s specialty was South African, and since Andrea is taking a class on Africa at MSU, this was a perfect segue.

The meal was broken into two courses. The first was Curried Pork Kabob with spiced rice. The pork was good, though fatty. The food was brought with three “sauces”, two of which tasted like cucumbers (one of which was called South African Komkommer Sambal  – I just couldn’t pass up putting that name in here)  and the third was
Moroccan Harissa, a spicy red concoction that was no joke – it was hot. But I like that sort of thing, so it was all good. And there was no permanent damage. It was very cold in the restaurant, so I think the Harissa helped me make it through the night without freezing. Hey, Michigan in January.

Travelers Club

Travelers Club

What also helped was the Atwater Brewery Java Vanilla Porter. Another nice feature of Travelers Club are their Michigan beers on tap, and they are reasonably priced. I’m a fan of reasonably priced beer, and beer in general.  The porter was smooth and not overwhelmingly hoppy, a beer I would definitely get again. I wonder how it would go with Quality Dairy doughnuts?

The main course was Cape Malay ground lamb meatloaf. I don’t know where Cape Malay is, but they made good food. What was unusual were the raisins in the meat.  The whole meat-raisin block didn’t look like much, but it made up for it with its taste. The loaf didn’t have any big “bammo” flavor, so the sauces helped. The meatloaf was served with sweet potato slices and Gesmoorde Kool, from “Kool and the Gang”, I believe. No, this Kool was cabbage and onions, and couldn’t carry a tune.

Travelers Club

Travelers Club

So keep your eye on the Travelers Club website – they have different international specials every month. If you have even a twinkling of curiosity about out of the ordinary foods, head on over.


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