Pizza at North Peak Brewing Company, Traverse City

After a full day on the trails in snowshoes (Muncie Lakes Pathway, Skekemog, and Sand Lakes), it was time for dinner. And just like people have been doing for hundreds of years of snowshoeing, I went to the pub.

It was my second visit North Peak, the brewery on Front Street just west of the main downtown area. It was Saturday night, and there was a half-hour wait. I couldn’t even find a spot at the bar to have a drink before my friend arrived. Luckily, I was way under the limit on my data plan, so I was happily browsing away until our table was ready.

Just like my first visit, I had the Triple Meat Pizza. What can I say – I’m a fan of pizza covered in meat. Not only did it look great, it tasted great, too – much better than the lunch I had earlier that day. I had actually wanted to stop eating and have some leftovers, but it was too good to save, and I ate the entire thing. It was a little spicy, probably from the chorizo, and went great with the beer. I had a stout and a porter (not at the same time) and both were excellent, the porter being a slight favorite.

Pizza at North Peak

Pizza at North Peak

You can probably see from the pictures that the pizza glistens. Yes, there is a little grease on that thar’ pizza, but it didn’t detract from the taste. And, really, the glistening added to the visual appeal. In any case, as a man, I’m forbidden by law from removing the grease, and grease help the blood slide through the veins, promoting good cardiovascular health. My wife is studying this kind of thing, and she’d back me up… if I bought her jewelry.

If you’re a live music fan, Kilkenny’s, which is underneath North Peak, is your spot. We could hear them quite clearly after they started, but if you want to hear the music even better, I suggest going to the actual bar. And they have an excellent Reuben there, too.

In conclusion: North Peak – good beer, good pizza, no dinosaurs.


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