A burger at Spectator’s, Saugatuck

After an evening hiking the trails at Saugatuck State Park, I headed for dinner at Spectator‘s , mainly because they were close to both the park and the freeway, but I had viewed their menu online, and it looked like it was worth a visit.

When I walked inside, I had a “The Matrix”-like decision. I could either take the aquamarine pill and go into the bar, or take the mauve pill and sit in the restaurant. I chose the more bluish pill and into the bar I went. It probably wasn’t a make or break moment for my reality, but you never know.

The Classic Burger is a solid, simple hamburger. I ordered mine with diced onions, pickles, ketchup, and mustard.  Nothing fancy, but there was plenty of patty to love, and they were not shy about the pickles. The Monday night price was $6.75, and that included fries.  I sat next to people who were talking the entire time about playing golf, which I found odd since it was February. Anyway, the nachos almost pulled me in, and on my next visit, I’m sure I’ll snag those, me being a nacho fiend and all.

Spectators, Saugatuck, MI

Spectators, Saugatuck, MI

While it was a good-sized burger, I wasn’t so full that I couldn’t complete my run in Grand Rapids. After all, I can’t let a meal get in the way of my training for the Bayshore Marathon in Traverse City, and that was the primary reason I didn’t get the nachos – if those chips are put in front of me, I’m going to keep eating until they’re gone. As this simple formula explains: Loads of nachos  + 4-mile run = bad news.


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