Burger and beer special at Red Cedar Grill, Williamston

Monday night’s are half-off burgers and $3 pints at Red Cedar Grill in Williamston, MI.  As RCG is my favorite restaurant, I didn’t need much prodding to pay a visit. I’m a fan of the relaxed atmosphere, the excellent service, and their food, especially the mac & cheese with chicken and the pot roast, both from the “how comforting” section. And though they seemed to have disappeared from the menu, their nachos were amazing. Still, I had never tried one of their burger. But a decent burger for under $5? Couldn’t pass that up.

Red Cedar Grill burger

Red Cedar Grill burger

My first impression was that the Natural Burger both looked and smelled amazing. The brioche bun was shiny (yes, shiny) and lightly toasted, and as strange as it sounds, was my favorite part of the burger. The meat was solid, no complaints there, but the bun was outstanding. Maybe I can just have the bun in another bun. They do seem to do bread well, as the dinner rolls they serve with entrees are also excellent.

The shoestring fries were beautiful. Slightly crispy and salty and all things that fries should be. And made out of potatoes – that is a big help, too, because carrot fries just wouldn’t be the same.

I drank a Short’s Bellaire  Brown ale with my burger, a good choice. It probably would have went well with any food, but I would recommend it with the cow. For $3, it was oh so tempting to get two, but I had to go to Meijer, so only one for me. On second thought, two beers before going to Meijer is actually a pretty good idea.

So a burger, fries, and craft beer for under $10 (before tip). Deals don’t get much better than that.


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