Nachos at Conrad’s in East Lansing

Let’s start this right off with an image:

Nachos at Conrad's, East Lansing

Nachos at Conrad's, East Lansing

Do those nachos look good to you? Me neither, but that is what I was facing at Conrad’s on the corner of Abbot and Grand River in East Lansing. I wanted to take a break from my recent burger bonanza and get back to my beloved nachos. I picked the wrong spot.

I was given three choices of nachos on the menu – Super Nachos, Chicken, and Vegetarian. I chose the first options, but “super” they were not. Topped with chili, jalapenos, “cheese”, salsa, and sour cream, it was a disaster, both visually and on the taste buds. Everything about them screamed below average.

Some good points. Uh, I learned a lot about gangs from the blaring TV. They have free refills of Coke. The walls were decorated with all sorts of interesting photos, including one of The Hangover, a movie which I love. And there were plenty of napkins on the table, which were very useful, and the nachos were a complete mess to eat. And the people that worked there seemed nice. It was only them and the three people working – no one else came in during the 45-minutes or so I was eating.

Another good point, which is completely unrelated to the food: The website home page is the menu. This I like. No pictures of how cool the web designers are, or annoying Flash applications of pointless images streaming by. Just the menu. More places should do that.

I cannot recommend to you enough that you avoid the nachos at Conrad’s. Really, I’m doing you a favor.  I’m not rejecting Conrad’s completely based on their truly awful nachos, the second worst in the Lansing area next to Old Chicago’s Italian-style “nachos”. If you have had anything you liked there, please leave a comment so I can try something better.


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