The magnificient nachos of Buddies

I would like to contrast the these nachos, which I ate at Conrad’s on Monday:

Nachos at Conrad's, East Lansing

Nachos at Conrad's, East Lansing

With these nachos, which I ate at Buddies in Okemos on Thursday:

Buddies Nachos

Notice the beautiful mountain of nacho goodness of Buddies. I can barely see Andrea across the table, the pile is so high. Cheese, onions, beef, tomatoes, oh my. And we also splurged and got salsa, sour cream, and guacamole.  Living large in Lansing.

This is the “small”, by the way. It’s one of the menu quirks – the small is the large and the mini is the small. The mini is enough for one person, or perhaps two if you are light eaters or are getting dessert. We were able to eat about half of the small, and I had the rest for lunch the next day. They warmed up pretty well in the oven, but don’t make the mistake of putting nachos in the microwave. Soggy chips are just plain nasty. To give you an idea of what was left, here is the “after” picture. As you can see, plenty were left:

Buddies Nachos - after

But if there were a lot of chips and the nachos sucked, that’s no good. Luckily, Buddies has great nachos, and they have been at the top of my list since I first had them over ten years ago. Good tasting beef, and the sheer amount of cheese is overwhelming. And the toppings were not just on top – top, bottom, middle, sides – it was all covered.

And beer! They had lots of brews on tap. I went with a Founder’s porter, as I’m a fan of the Grand Rapids-based brewery. Andrea had a cider, so if you’re a hard cider fan, they have one of those on tap, too. Muy bueno.

Buddies has three locations. The Okemos location is in a strip mall at the corner of Grand River and Haslett Road. The East Lansing location is in the Carriage Hills shopping center at the north end of Hagadorn, near the former location of Goff, my first employer when I worked as a bag boy. And the Holt location is located at Aurelius and Holt Road. That location, by the way, has a ton of TVs, and is a great place to watch a game. Oh heck, go to all three and see which one is your favorite.


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