Pizza at The Sazerac Lounge, Grand Rapids

This is a very exciting post for me because I get to use the word “bedecked”. In 130 posts, I have not gotten the chance to use it, but today is my big day.

I also get to use the name Sazerac. It sounds like a villain from the “Lord of the Rings”, but in fact, is the name of a bar / restaurant in northern Grand Rapids. I was browsing through eateries and came across The Sazerac Lounge. Intrigued, and seeing that they had nachos on their web site menu, I headed up Plainfield Road.

It’s easy to miss. Located near a furniture store and karate studio, it’s a stealthy locale. But I prevailed, even picking the correct door on the first try, something I was infinitely proud to have done. (If you’ve been there, you’ll understand.) It doesn’t look like much on the outside, but the interior was pretty cool. It had bare brick walls and a tin ceiling, both of which I enjoy seeing in a pub. I can’t answer why that is. And (wait for it) the light fixture were bedecked with Mardi Gras beads.

The Sazerac Lounge

The Sazerac Lounge

In fact, the place had a Mardi Gras theme. Having been to New Orleans during the several week celebration of Mardi Gras, I’m a fan of the décor, including the big harlequin face. (BTW, if you are looking for a great food destination, go to New Orleans. The food is incredible, from the muffalettas at Central Grocery to the seafood at Mr. B’s, all good.)

As I mentioned earlier, I had intended on getting the nachos. Sadly, they were not on the menu – the website must have been displaying an old version. The sad clown of life had struck again. But rolling with the punches, I saw they had a Monday night special, a 10″ pizza with two topping for $5. OK, that was my consolation prize. I ordered a Mardi Gras Bock, which was quite tasty, and awaited my pizza.

Pizza at Sazerac

Pizza at Sazerac

Well, it sure looked good. But taste-wise… it was even better than it looked. (Had you there, didn’t I?) They were not shy on the toppings, as you can see from the big pieces of sausage and multitude of pepperoni. And it was a spicy meat, too – I’m glad I had my beer to comfort me. It also had lots of gooey cheese and a soft, chewy crust. I am a fan of Sazerac pizza.


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