Xiao, Lansing

For once, I remembered Xiao. I say that because it’s easy to forget in that no man’s land of the Saginaw – Coolidge intersection. I mainly think if making the light when I think of that area at all, but occasionally (like my last birthday lunch, for instance), I do remember, happily, that Xiao is there. I mean, it’s got a big Buddha – what’s not to love?

This time around, we sat in the VIP section. Well, I don’t think it was really for VIPs, but there was a red velvet rope and it was removed from the main dining area by a low wall. So while we were separated from the lowly masses, our view was of a wall. And the party of women drinking Sushi Bombs at the table next to us.

It was a hard choice, but this visit I selected the Sesame Chicken. I wasn’t impressed by the portions when the plate arrived, but at the end of my meal, I was full, so appearances deceived me in this case. There were four pieces of broccoli, which was plenty. The rice looked like a big brown rice cake, but there was nothing rice cakey about it – the brown rice tasted like brown rice should. The chicken was tasty, and the sauce wasn’t overpowering or syrupy which can happen with dishes like orange, sesame, or General Tso’s chicken. It had a light breading, and the whole chicken – sauce – breading ensemble worked well.

To wash it all down, I had an Arcadia Java Porter draught and a bottle of Short’s Bellaire Brown Ale. Both were solid beer, my preference being the porter because a) it smelled slightly like chocolate and b) there was more beer, a 16 oz. draught being larger than a 12 oz. bottle. (Check out those math skills.)


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