The Thirsty Perch of the Blue Gill Grill, Haslett

A balmy evening in March took us to one of the three bars within two blocks of each other on Lake Lansing Road in Haslett. We sat on the Thirsty Perch, the upstairs, outdoor seating area atop the Blue Gill Grill that no one ever would have thought would have been open this early in the year. Yet, there we were, with a view of Lake Lansing and the park, as well as having a bird’s-eye view of who was coming and going in the parking spaces. Fascinating.

I’m going to start with the downside of the Thirsty Perch, which is you can’t get everything off the menu. Entrees were a no no, and there were a few other sections from the back of the menu that weren’t allowed. So if you are thirsting for some perching, be aware that not everything is available up there. Luckily for me, nachos were not on the banned list.

The full order of the Blue Gill Grill nachos are huge. The waitress warned me, but I had eaten the half-order before, and they weren’t enough for me – I needed more nacho goodness, so it was time to tackle the full. When it comes to nachos, I know no fear.

Blue Gill Grill Nachos

Blue Gill Grill Nachos

While they were large, the filler took up most of the plate. Lettuce, green peppers, and the accursed black olives covered the vital parts, and I burned a fair amount of calories just getting all that junk off so the nachos were edible for me. There were lots of chips left, but the dish was nowhere near the size that they started at.

Once I reached the chips, cheese, and beef, I was happy with their taste. Nothing fancy, but a solid dish, and I would have them again. I just need to remember, for the future, to request they leave off most of the veggies and only focus on the necessaries. If, however, you like a garden on your nachos, you will be content, perhaps even ecstatic, depending on your personality and / or medication level.

So you get an idea of what kind of damage I did to them, the “after” picture:



If you have a big appetite, definitely go for the full order. If you have a medium appetite, still go for the full, because most of the toppings you can save for your hamsters.


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