The nachos of Michigan Brewing Company, Lansing

I went for the beer, of course. But as a bonus, I got to hear live blues. It made me long for Buddy Guy’s Legends or Blue Chicago…

Michigan Brewing Company has two locations, one on Washington in Lansing and another in Webberville not far from I 96. I went to the former. My main intentions was beer, but then I saw the “MBC Nachos Supreme” on the menu, and my nacho fanaticism took control. Deciding that it wasn’t worth the risk for a half-order, since most half orders leave me hungry, I dove into the full.

MBC Nachos

MBC Nachos

I wasn’t thrilled that they were topped with chili, no matter that it was “Badass chili”. Chili make the tortilla chips soggy, and that is exactly what happened. The beef chili itself had a strong BBQ flavor. It grew on me as I ate more of it. Still, not as good as simple ground beef nachos.

The other toppings were well-proportioned. There was not an overwhelming and unwelcome amount of lettuce, and I have no complaints on anything else. My nachos came without black olives, because olives on nachos is some kind of horrible Michigan trend that I don’t understand and should be stamped out like a bug.

My conclusion on the nachos: OK, wouldn’t have them again, unless they switch to ground beef. It can be “Badass” ground beef, just something that doesn’t make the chips soggy. Next time, I’ll go for the beef and egg sandwich – that sounded interesting.

Onto the beer. I limited myself to two pints this time. First was the Beer of the Week, a spiced porter. Though I like MBC’s Peninsula Porter, the spiced version didn’t do anything for me. At the very least, it should be confined to the week before Halloween. My second brew was my MBC standard, the Nut Brown. A solid dark beer that goes down smooth. I don’t know how it comes up – luckily, I haven’t had that experience with the Nut Brown. If you have… keep it to yourself, I don’t want to know.


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