India in East Lansing – Mumbai

Our last visit to Mumbai was for the U2 concert in June of 2011. East Lansing was crazy so we didn’t hold the slow service against them that day. We hadn’t been back since simply because it’s not one of our regular stopping parts. If we’re in that area of East Lansing, it’s usually for a Topopo salad and a pitcher of Margaritas on the roof of El Azteco. But we were both in the mood for something different, and to Mumbai we did go.

Service hadn’t improved much. We were seated quickly, but after that things moved rather slowly. That was the worst part of our meal, though it wasn’t so terrible as to affect our enjoyment of the food. And the jazz band was a nice touch, and something I wouldn’t have expected in an Indian restaurant. The musical accompaniment went beautifully as we watched the Michigan Flyer buses pull up to the Marriot across the street. (Nice service, BTW – I’ve used it to travel to DTW when I couldn’t get a ride lined up with relatives.)

On the subject of food… We started with the Punjabi Samosa, turnovers which looked like fat empanadas. They were filled with peas and potatoes topped with a light and crispy shell, and a great way to start the meal – very tasty. We have ordered them the last couple of times we have visited Mumbai. And the name Punjabi Samosa is cool – I’m thinking about making that my hip hop name since Wiz Khalifa is already taken.

Mumbai Samosa Punjabi

Mumbai Samosa Punjabi

I had read that Chicken Tikka Masala was the most popular dish in the UK. If it’s good enough for the Brits, it was good enough for me, so I ordered it even though I saw it involved yogurt. Well, new things and all that.

The Masala was excellent. The chicken and red sauce were served in a fancy bowl with white rice on the side. I ordered medium spiciness and it was exactly how I like it, a touch of spicy but nothing to distract from the taste.  The portioning was perfect. Well, along with eating the samosa as appetizer, it was perfect. Dinner  went along with the Simply Naked Pinot Grigio, a crisp wine that reminded me of seeing Mount Rushmore on a dewy morning while eating an Egg McMuffin. (I love to mock wine snobs.) Remember, if it has “Naked” in the title, how bad can it be?

Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken Tikka Masala

I’m a fan of the food at Mumbai. In my experience, it is not a place to get in and out of for dinner quickly, so don’t be in a hurry. I would – and will – return to Mumbai because of the outstanding food they serve.


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