RiverHouse Inn, Williamston, MI

The bread and butter were both fantastic, but the butter was the star of the show. I savored and saved it, and I used every last bit that I could scrape out of the plastic tub for two nights worth of rolls at home.  I hope they eventually sell it.

Getting bread before a meal is not unusual, but the quality of it at The RiverHouse Inn in Williamston was outstanding. The RiverHouse was a place we had wanted to go for a while, but for whatever reason, it never came up when the time came to choose a restaurant for date night. So this was  our first visit, one initiated by a Deal Chicken coupon I had bought months ago and saw lurking about my computer.

Out of kindness to those people who wish to remain anonymous, I have blanked out the license plates for those cars closest to me as I took the picture. So you people going to a discreet rendezvous don’t have anything to worry about. But next time, I’m turning you in.

The RiverHouse Inn

The RiverHouse Inn

We were seated by the fireplace in the bar. It had a nice view of the river behind the restaurant, and Andrea and I both wanted to return in the summer when we could enjoy the patio in all its Williamston glory. The RiverHouse had several rooms for seating in the converted house, but the bar area was my favorite. I don’t like to be too far away from the booze, after all, and I could envision the previous owners hanging out in the den watching TV or planning world domination. Because if I had a den, I would be constantly thinking about taking over the planet.

On the topic of beer (not world domination), Thursdays are half-off beer, which is music to my ears. Equally pleasing – they had Founder’s porter on tap. Great, cheap Michigan beer – you had me at “beer”, but the other adjectives were appealing, too. And it was the beer so nice I bought it twice, and it would have been thrice, but I had to drive.

My entree was the “Roasted Red Pepper Alfredo”. The title left out the most important ingredient, grilled chicken. When my dinner was set before me, the first thing that I thought was “It’s the cheesiest”. There was a lot of cheese sauce, and the chef was very generous with the chicken. All this was over linguini, and it tasted wonderful. And in case you missed it, I liked the bread and butter.

Some cheesy chicken and pasta linguini

Some cheesy chicken and pasta linguini

For dessert, Andrea and I shared a warm chocolate cake topped with vanilla ice cream, and the whole thing was drizzled with chocolate sauce. There wasn’t any oozing chocolate erupting from the center, but the cake didn’t survive our onslaught. Chocolate cake is my favorite dessert, beating out even Little Debbie Oatmeal Cakes, so I was happy to have some of the good stuff.

We were both happy with our RiverHouse Inn experience, and it will be a place we go back to. It’s easy to miss, tucked in on Grand River Avenue, but try it out – you will enjoy the experience.


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