Chillin’ at Cheli’s Chili Bar, Dearborn

I expanded my horizons last weekend with a trip to Dearborn. Though I wouldn’t call it a cultural event, my dad and I saw Red Green perform at the Ford Theater & Performing Arts Center. Before that, though, food was required. And when you think of Dearborn, what kind of food do you think of? Right – nachos.  So it was off to Cheli’s Chili Bar.

Though busy, we were seated fairly quickly, but things moved very slowly after that, either because the Wings had played earlier that day or a server mix-up or sunspots – not really sure. Luckily, we had plenty of time to eat, and there was no shortage of TVs to watch. It was a sports bar, after all. Plenty of sports paraphernalia, both from Chris Chelios (the restaurant’s namesake) and other sources, was on hand to ogle.

Cheli's Chile Bar

Cheli's Chili Bar

As I mentioned earlier, I ordered the nachos, and it was a big tasty pile, which is much better than a small nasty pile. The chips were topped with cheese and beef (meat extra). The filler was kept to a minimum, but I liked the way Cheli’s did it – the lettuce formed a barrier to keep the salsa and sour cream, which were placed on top of the nachos, from getting them soggy. Well played.

Cheli's Nachos

Cheli's Nachos

In addition to being soggy-less, they tasted good, too. The salsa and beef had a little bite to them (I suppose that’s a nibble) and the toppings were applied generously. The black olives were NOT on the nachos, because olives are awful things to put on nachos. Really, who came up with that idea, and why do so many places do it? I think this calls for an independent prosecutor. I have made my disgust “BO on nachos” pretty plainly several times, and I will continue to do so until the entire world agrees with me. Admittedly, it could take a while, but I’m patient.

This was my second Cheli’s visited, the other being in Detroit. The nachos were good enough to order again, though next time, I will probably get one of their pizzas. The Reuben also looked appetizing. So what I’m saying: Good food, good selection, and a great big mural of Mr. Chelios on the back of the bar. What more do you need?

Chris Chelios mural

Chris Chelios mural


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