Wally’s, Saugatuck

I was in Saugatuck yesterday. After a visit to the state park, I headed into the downtown area. Unlike warm summer weekends, crowds on cold Monday nights are far calmer, and it was much more enjoyable. Sure, the shops were closed, but I wasn’t in town to shop. I was in town to begin my plan of world domination. But first, dinner.

I stumbled across Wally’s on Hoffman street completely by accident. The slick exterior caught my eye first, and when I paused on the sidewalk to view the menu, I saw nachos and was sold.

Wally's, Saugatuck

Wally's, Saugatuck

The problem with bar nachos is you never know what you are going to get, and I ordered them with an open mind:

Beautiful nachos

Beautiful nachos

They looked good. As for taste… for the third time in a row ordering “bar bar” nachos (Birch Lodge and The Watershed being the previous two), I was happily surprised. Those at Wally’s were excellent. The ground beef /chorizo combination  was  one I had not seen before, and both were great. Wally’s was generous with the meat and the veggie toppings. And those chips – nearly perfect. I could have eaten just the chips and salsa and been happy.

I didn’t know what to expect with the various colored peppers. Honestly, if green peppers are listed on the menu, I usually have the kitchen keep them off. But, I decided to see how the green, orange, and red peppers would work, and the sweetness of the peppers contrasted nicely with the spicy jalapenos. Sometimes, getting something out of the ordinary pays off.

Wally’s wasn’t my first choice. I had intended on visiting TripAdvisor‘s number one ranked restaurant in Saugatuck, but it was closed. But I’m happy it was. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have found the town’s primo spot for nachos.


4 thoughts on “Wally’s, Saugatuck

  1. You know, I haven’t really figured out where you are located, but next time you are in GR and going down 28th Street — which sooner or later everyone does — check out Charlie’s I am a fan of their nachos, but just their chips and salsa are great!
    And no, it isn’t even half as bad inside as it looks like from the outside.

      • It’s on 1339 28th St SW between DeHoop/Michael and Burlingame right next to Applebee’s. It’s that pool place, Anazeh Sands and looks a little…uhmm, well…I am sure you have seen it and thought the same 🙂
        But it’s actually quite nice and I’d say the food is better than Applebee’s. Now if only they could do something about the way it looks from the outside

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