Twenty Five, Grand Rapids

A beautiful night in Grand Rapids, preceded by a walk at Hodenpyl Woods in East Grand Rapids, found me at Twenty Five. I had passed it many times and thought it a good spot for my final visit to the west side of the state, being that my contract in Holland is almost at an end. It was a small challenge just to get to the restaurant, as the construction on Fulton blocked many of my attempts not only to reach the restaurant, but to park. But I prevailed.

It was a slow night, especially on the patio, where I was the only one. It was also a little cool, but I didn’t mind having the area to myself. Maybe my waitress did, but it didn’t show. The downside of the patio was the constant white noise from the power station next door. It wasn’t overwhelming, and I didn’t notice it after a while. And it was still pretty sweet to be able to sit outside and eat. For much of the year in Michigan, this just isn’t possible.

Patio at Twenty Five

Patio at Twenty Five

Now I’ll actually talk about food. I ordered the American pizza, one of about a dozen different or so kinds of pie that Twenty Five offered. The American had ground beef, tomatoes, lettuce, and cheese on a soft, pita-like crust. It was good, and I would order one of their pizzas again. (Unless they get nachos – then I’ll order those.) The crust was excellent, though I should have taken up the waitress’s offer for ranch dipping sauce – it would have tasted really good with the crust. The beef needed a little more spicing, though – it wasn’t too flavorful. Not bad, just needed more oomph.

Just look at that pizza, though – it’s a thing of beauty:

American Pizza

American Pizza

I did like their selection of craft brews on tap. It was a hard decision, but I went with Will Power from Right Brain Brewery. It was a good choice, if I do say so myself, though to be honest, looking at the RBB web site, I would not have guessed it was a pale ale – it seemed more like a porter to me. Which was good – I prefer porters.

As an aside, the best beer I have ever had was from Right Brain Brewery. I had an amazing chocolate caramel stout that blew me away. I was sad because that was my second beer, and I wouldn’t be able to have a third, and my first choice (I can’t remember what it was) just didn’t measure up to the stout.

Recap: Twenty Five – good pizza, excellent beer selection, right next to Van Andel Arena, you can eat outside, good luck navigating the construction.


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