Speak EZ, Grand Rapids

Not far from the Brass Works Building where I used to work years ago for marchFIRST is Speak EZ. It had been Cambridge House a few months earlier, a place I regretfully never visited, because they had some good-sounding nachos on the menu.  But as I was perusing Mlive, I found an article that something new had taken its place, and that something new was Speak EZ.

The place was a stylish sort of dark. The walls were decorated with bits of text about the repeal of Prohibition.  If you happen to find yourselves in the men’s room, it had tin ceilings (I noticed because you’re not supposed to look down) and corrugated metal walls (because if you’re not looking up you should be looking straight ahead) with black urinals – a very fancy bathroom.

OK, this isn’t a bathroom blog, intriguing an idea as that is. Onto the food. I decided on the Pastrami Goodness, because pastrami and goodness are two things I like. The pastrami had a nice mild flavor and the mustard aioli and muenster were certainly goodness.  The bread was dark and foreboding. And toasted. For reasons I can’t explain, I felt like a Russian peasant while eating it. Did Russian peasants eat dark bread? I don’t even know. Either way, it’s a heavy bread.

I had my choice of sides, and the side I tried were the Empress Potatoes. They were hoity toity poofy cheesy potatoes with ruffles. They were also very creamy and smooth, and another good choice on my part, if I do say so myself. However, I don’t know why they were called Empress Potatoes. No crown appeared on my head ala the “Imperial Margarine” commercials.

If you find yourself on Trowbridge Road in Grand Rapids, stop in for a beer or sandwich or a look at the bathroom, whichever suits your fancy. But if it’s the latter, remember: Up or straight ahead.


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