Bob’s Bar, Grand Rapids

It was a dark and stormy Tuesday night…

Actually, it was a warm and sunny Tuesday night. After a walk at the Knapp Valley trails, I was in the mood for some nacho goodness, and my destination was Bob’s Bar on Michigan Street in Grand Rapids. It was practically across the street from another visit to a bar for nachos, Birch Lodge.

Bob's Bar, Grand Rapids

Bob’s Bar, Grand Rapids

Bob’s Bar is a “bar bar”. It was sparsely crowded on my visit, just me and a bunch of regulars there to watch the Tigers game. It has a “neighborhood joint” feel to it which I liked, and the stained glass sign above the bar added a little style.

Bob's Bar, Grand Rapids

Bob’s Bar, Grand Rapids

As for the nachos… I allowed myself to be talked into the half-order, and they were a little small for me. To fill the gap, I had an extra beer, so don’t worry everybody – I was OK.

I’ve been surprised as the quality of nachos in bar bars before, so I kept an open mind. What I had at Bob’s Bar were in the middle of the nacho spectrum.  The meat and cheese were good, and nothing about the nachos was particularly bad, simply that nothing was notable. They came with lettuce, tomatoes, onion, salsa, and sour cream. And look how dark they are! That couldn’t have anything to do with my phone’s camera…

Bob's Bar nachos

Bob’s Bar nachos

Go for the atmosphere and the beer specials, not the nachos.


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