Nachos and beer at Royal Oak Brewery

Lurking north of Detroit is the town of Royal Oak. I had experienced RO for the first time at Baconfest the weekend before, but now, I was back once again. No bacon this time, but just as good – nachos and beer at Royal Oak Brewery. There were several great-looking items on the menu. I had walked into the building determined to get nachos, but hesitated when I looked over the other things they had. But, I stuck to my guns and got the half-order of chippy goodness.

Royal Oak Brewery

Royal Oak Brewery

My nachos were about $8.50. I did the (in my mind) almost unthinkable – I ordered them without meat. That grueling decision was caused by the $3.50 upcharge of adding ground beef, and that seemed like a lot. I was questioning my choice after I made it, but a few bucks saved is a few bucks I could spend on another beer.



It turns out my worrying was unnecessary. The nachos were very large, and even better, they were excellent. I hadn’t had meatless nachos that good since Red Cedar Grill, the latter no longer serves them. The chips were crispy, if a little singed around the edges, but that was easily masked by the salsa, sour cream, and guacamole that was included. Yes, they had the topping trifecta, which I’m always glad to see. I especially liked the salsa, which had a smoky, chipotle flavor.

As for the beer, I started with the “Royal Oak Red” that was solid. And red. The real favorite for me was the “Suicide Blonde”. It was sweet, and I thought I was drinking mead before I double checked what I had ordered. It was very tasty. Imagine Bud Lite, and then make it taste way better and more interesting, and you have, in a nutshell, beer from Royal Oak Brewery.



So go for the beer, stay for the nachos, and then stay for more beer. Good advice, trust me.


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