The Draft House, Dewitt

On Old US 27 in Dewitt is The Draft House, a place I haven’t been since I was a teenager. That was a day or two ago, so I figured a few decades is long enough to be away. And, they had nachos on the menu, so there we go.

The Draft House, Dewitt

The Draft House, Dewitt

Things didn’t started well – no Monday night beer specials! Oh, the pain. But they had Summer Shandy on draught, and that helped ease whatever disappointment I had previously felt. Nothing like a cold beer after a hike through Padget Park on a hot day. I had a good seat at the bar to stare at all the taps and occasionally look up at the very large TV to watch the Tigers lose.

Of course, I ordered the nachos. What, you think I would go to Dewitt and not have nachos? Perish the thought. My first impression was that they looked at smelled great. And look at those jalapenos – it’s like a carpet of spicy greenness.  Somewhere under all the potential pain also lurked ground beer, refried beans, onions, tomatoes, and lettuce. But nowhere will you find the hated black olives.

Draft House Nachos

Draft House Nachos

My first impression on tasting them was “That’s a lot of beans”. But after the first bite, the overwhelming beaniness went away and they melded well with the other ingredients. I was glad that I got the half-order – they were plenty big for my needs, and probably the needs of people with normal appetites. They were good – I’ve had a lot worse, and they had a good mix of veggies and meat. And the red, white, and blue chips were very good, and very salty. But, I repeat myself.

I would return to The Draft House. Next time, I will get the olive burger, and I’ll stick with the shandy.


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