Catfish at Texas Roadhouse, Lansing

It is a fact so true that it could be the 11th Commandment: Thou Shalt Eat Catfish Before Watching Star Trek.

I entered the confines of south Lansing to experience two episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation being shown at Celebration Cinema. There are two restaurants very close for the pre-theater meal that my stepmom and I enjoyed. It was either Hooters or Texas Roadhouse. So I think you can guess we went with the latter. After all, who can resist loud country music and peanut shells on the floor before watching twenty year old science fiction? No one, that’s who.

We started with the onion blossom, of which I was a fan. Who knew that eating a deep-fried onion could taste so good? And it doesn’t hurt that whatever the “special sauce”  was, it was mighty tasty.

Though my normal fare at Texas Roadhouse is a burger – they do have good burgers – on this visit, I decided to eat healthy and try the fried catfish. (Healthy is relative with me.) I made a good choice. Crispy breading and tender fish – excellent stuff. And there were three pieces, enough for lunch the next day. For my sides, I had fries and corn, both tasty. The fries were wide-cut and soft – if you’re a crispy fry fan (and you know who you are), you probably wouldn’t have enjoyed them. The corn was, well, corn. And do try the pre-dinner rolls as well, if just for something to hold the cinnamon butter.

Catfish at Texas Roadhouse

Catfish at Texas Roadhouse

It was still summer, and they had Summer Shandy on draught. That’s a good beer right there, people. I’ve got a few 12-packs in my garage, as a matter of fact, but that has nothing to do with the Texas Roadhouse.

So there are other things other than red meat at the Texas Roadhouse, and they are worth eating. And drinking.


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